Acrylic glass is lighter and more shatter-resistant than standard glass. That makes it suitable for some specific applications where safety or weight are important factors. High-activity spaces like gyms, sports arenas (think basketball backboards), childcare centers, and elder care facilities can benefit from acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is great for DIY projects of all kinds. Here are a few:

Acrylic Glass For A Picture Frame Or Art Work


Acrylic Glass is a versatile material that can be used in many home improvement and decor projects. Family photos, art collections, and mementos can take on a modern twist by using acrylic glass rather than traditional glass frames. You can make an art installation with square-cut acrylic glass pieces for the front and back of each frame. To hold the art frame in place, drill holes for a peg or magnetic placeholders on the four corners of the picture frame. Get creative by using wine corks.


DIY Acrylic Glass Designer Furniture

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Acrylic DIY Furniture

Want a modern-looking nightstand? Or a modern bookshelf? You can make your own modern piece of furniture at a fraction of the cost of a designer end table or nightstand. You can recreate a cubed acrylic glass nightstand with four custom cut square acrylic sheets of equal size.


For ergonomic reasons, measure the height of your bed and have your nightstand be of similar height. Or you can choose three sheets of Acrylic glass to make an open nightstand. You will want to use clear glass glue that won’t stain your acrylic glass or be visible. Follow these directions on how to construct your acrylic furniture:

  • Clean acrylic glass prior to gluing especially the edges that you will glue together.
  • Prior to gluing, use tape to put the pieces together. This will ensure the glass is assembled to your liking.
  • While the edges are taped, glue acrylic sheets together with a syringe. Make sure piece are intact as the glue dries quickly.
  • Lightly buffer the edges after the glue has dried.
  • We suggest using clamps to keep acrylic pieces together while drying.

Acrylic Glass For Walls & Fences


Another practical yet cool way to use acrylic glass is for a partition. You can use acrylic glass for a number of partitions such as swimming pool fences and as a barrier for balconies, mezzanines, and terraces. Create a fence with rectangular cut acrylic glass or square cut acrylic glass. For this project, you will need to drill into the acrylic glass. You can easily divide rooms with acrylic glass.


How To Maintain & Clean Acrylic Glass

There are a few rules to follow when cleaning your acrylic glass. The one downside of acrylic glass is that it can scratch easily, but you can prevent scratches by following a few rules. Avoid scratching your acrylic glass by removing debris with a compressed air can that’s used on computers or a blow dryer on the cool setting only. If you are wiping streaks, we recommend using a microfiber cloth, as it’s non-abrasive, with an acrylic cleaner. Avoid using glass cleaner or cleaners with ammonia, abrasives or scented cleaners. The scent may penetrate the acrylic glass and ammonia may discolor the acrylic glass. You can remedy superficial acrylic glass scratches by gently rubbing car wax onto the surface.


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